Does your MP speak up for libraries? Ask them to sign EDM 1025

EDM No. 1025: 

That this House recognises that public libraries are hugely important to our communities; acknowledges that many have already closed or are under threat; welcomes the Speak Up For Libraries lobby of Parliament in support of the public library service on 9 February 2016; and calls on the Government to ensure that councils have enough money to provide well-staffed quality services to enforce the law that says local authorities must provide a comprehensive and efficient library service, to implement policy which secures people’s statutory rights to a quality library service and to give libraries a long-term future by including a programme of library development and modernisation in the 2016 to 2020 Department for Culture, Media and Sport Business Plan.


EDM No. 1025: 

Has your MP signed in support?


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To attend the rally prior to lobbying your MP, find the details and how to book, here.

This event is open to everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Does your MP speak up for libraries? Ask them to sign EDM 1025

  1. Publicly funded libraries, free at the point of use, are an invaluable asset to the UK. This is increasingly so as other public service cuts bite!

  2. People who use libraries soon learn the tremendous value of them. If we are losing other services the library is more important, on so many levels social inclusion, economic, educational, medically, the list is comprehensive.

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